Surgical precision starts with perfect preparation

Your very own personal surgical preparation tool for a more organized, seamless & efficient procedure every time…

For you and your team

Your very own personal surgical preparation tool for a more organized, seamless & efficient procedure every time…

Feel more confident and competent when preparing for surgery, and track procedures you are involved in. Senior staff are able to share ‘tips and tricks’ to support novices or those new to a specialty. Surgical cases can be recorded, tracked & reflected on in our Professional Learning Portfolio.

We all know time is precious, why not download and share ScrubUp with your surgical team to enhance productivity & maximise Operating Room efficiency.

Ask us about our customised Web Portal, targeting your hospitals surgical specialties with customised data on equipment & surgical preparation.

Interested in educating your students on surgical equipment and preparation? ScrubUp’s preloaded information can be an invaluable practical learning tool.

Your very own personal surgical preparation tool for a more organized, seamless & efficient procedure every time…


A surgical reference guide to track surgical cases you have been involved with


View and update surgeons’ preferences anywhere, anytime.


Real information to support you in your setup & preparation.

Set up the operating room perfectly every time with step by step prompts

Ensure the right equipment is available and setup correctly

Add photos of surgical equipment for each procedure

Detail specific surgical case requirements

Streamline setups and share with your surgical team members to enhance Operating Room safety and efficiency

Store Surgical preferences and update them anywhere at any time

Add personal scrub notes and photos

Preloaded with surgical procedures

Share with your surgical team members to streamline productivity

Store surgical preferences and update them anywhere at any time

Keep specific surgeon's preferences up to date and at your fingertips

Edit and customise information for individual hospitals and each surgeon's preferences

Add, delete, take notes and save images for any surgical case

Download and customise procedures according to surgical specialties required by your role (nurse, instrumental technologist etc.)

More Features

ScrubUp allows you to record surgical preferences – but, unlike other apps and tools, not ONLY that. Its series of steps help you to easily compile a complete guide to arranging the operating room for each surgical procedure and each surgeon you work with.

Surgical Specialties

Featuring General, Orthopaedics, Plastics, Cardiac, GYN, ENT, plus more.


All surgical procedures can be deleted, edited and saved.


The ability to tick off your surgical equipment when you collect it.


Data containing surgical instruments, solutions, dressings, drains & sutures.

Surgical Equipment

Save, customise, add & delete all equipment required for each procedure.

Surgeon Preferences

Build, save, add & delete your surgeons own preferences for every case.


Information about prepping & draping, including your surgeons preferences & notes.


Saved to a procedure, instrument, prosthesis, surgeons preference & notes.


Save, update & send your preferences using email.

ScrubUp currently offers 15 Surgical Specialties

Orthopaedic, General, Ophthalmology, Urology, Cosmetic, Dental, ENT, GYN, OBS, GIT, Spinal, Neuro, Vascular, Plastic, Cardiothoracic


* All specialties and features FREE

Gastro Intestinal

Ear Nose Throat

General Surgery











General Surgery

Gastro Intestinal

Ear Nose Throat

What are people saying about ScrubUp?

Thank you for bringing this innovative initiative to my attention.

Hon. Brad Hazzard

MP, Minister for Health, NSW Government

This app is ideal for the busy surgeon and surgical nurse. It allows all the instruments required for a particular procedure to not only be listed, but photographed in a way that allows the entire “set-up” to be visualized. The time saved when a new member of staff joins the operating team alone would make the app worthwhile. The app is further enhanced by its clear icons and the ability for it to be “specialty” based. This is a must have app for any surgeon or operating room nurse.

Specialist Surgeon


ScrubUp is a fantastic resourceful tool which would be extremely beneficial for all scrub/scout nurses.

Angela Zupan

Clinical Nurse Educator

ScrubUp has high visual appeal which will make it attractive and user friendly for nurses of all levels of experience. It can be customised for clinician’s own needs. We will definitely recommend ‘Scrubup’ app to our perioperative nursing colleagues.

Menna Davies & Sally Sutherland-Fraser

Health Education & Learning Partnerships

I can't believe someone came up with an app like this. It does really help me to carry on with my daily tasks. Super easy to use and follow. Totally recommended.


App Store review

As an agency nurse ScrubUp allows me to update my surgeons preferences at the touch of a fingertip, it's versatile, flexible and easily accessible. Great app.

Sharon Ho

Director, Ortho Angels

Are you ready to ScrubUp?

Start healing operating room inefficiencies

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